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Uusittu rantasauna Kerttulassa / Renovated lakeshore sauna in Kerttula

Kerttulan uusittu rantasauna / Renovated lakeshore sauna in Kerttula cottage

Nyt Kerttulan rantasaunassa on upouudet lauteet, seinät ja lattiat. Tervetuloa saunomaan!
Lakeshore sauna has now fully new sauna benches, walls and the floor. Welcome to experience our sauna! 


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Jarvin Oy is a Finnish cottage rental company founded in 2003. We offer lakeside cottages in the Lahti region for rent all year round and holiday apartments in Vuokatti's Katinkulla for weeks 1 and 2. Our properties in the Lahti region are located only 15-20 minutes' drive from Lahti and just over an hour's drive from Helsinki. All of our apartments in Katinkulla have a direct lake view and a short walk or drive to the versatile services of Katinkulla and Vuokatti. Welcome to visit us!


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