We try to include sustainability aspect into our actions always, when possible. Our cottages Kerttula and Villa Aleksi are located in protected Natura 2000-area, which means that our surroundings are very diverse – and fragile at the same time. Our area is home for many animals, rare birds and you can get many fish species from Vesijärvi lake. As well as beautiful Salpausselkä landscapes originated from Ice Age are fascinating during every season. If we want to preserve this beautiful environment also for our offspring and future generations, everyone must take responsibility for their own environment.


At the moment, we do next things for our environment:

  • We have switched to biodegradable detergents

    • in 2020 purchased steam cleaner, that does not require any cleaning chemicals

  • We sort trash at least to bio-, energy- and other waste

  • We recycle old furniture and obsolete electronic devices accordingly

  • We save energy

    • in 2019 we bought new system that saves energy in part of the premises

    • when we don’t have guests at our cottages, only basic heat is switched on

    • we are planning to purchase elecrticity optimizing system

    • we are planning to switch on 100% renewable electricity sources

  • We buy services and products for cottages from local companies


We kindly ask our guests follow next rules:

  • Don’t throw trash, especially cigarette butts, to the nature or lake

  • Sort trash to bio-, energy- and other waste 

  • Save electricity and water:

    • remember to switch off the lights when you leave the room

    • do not run water unnecsesarily

    • use dishwasher and washing machine instead of washing by hand

  • If you are planning to fish, please, buy the required fishing licenses in advance

About our company

Jarvin Oy is a Finnish cottage rental company founded in 2003. We offer lakeside cottages in the Lahti region for rent all year round and holiday apartments in Vuokatti's Katinkulla for weeks 1 and 2. Our properties in the Lahti region are located only 15-20 minutes' drive from Lahti and just over an hour's drive from Helsinki. All of our apartments in Katinkulla have a direct lake view and a short walk or drive to the versatile services of Katinkulla and Vuokatti. Welcome to visit us!


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