Terms of reservation and payment

  • Reservation is made after client has confirmed the booking and paid the invoice. Invoices are sent to the client by e-mail. All remarks regarding the invoice must be delivered within 7 days of the date stated on the invoice.

  • When paying, put the dates of reservation and name of the cottage to the payment message, or, if You pay from Finnish bank account, use the reference number (viitenumero).

  • If there are less than 6 weeks or 42 days to the beginning of reservation, the reservation is paid within one payment.

  • If there are more than 6 weeks or 43 days to the beginning of reservation, the invoice is divided in two parts:

    • First part is prepayment, that is 30% of the rent price. Prepayment must be paid within 7 days from the invoice date.

    • Second part is final payment, that is 70% of the rent price. Final payment must be paid 4 weeks prior to arrival.

  • If there are only 14 days or less to the beginning of reservation, whole reservation price must be paid immediately.

  • If payment is not paid by the due day, the reservation can be cancelled by Jarvin Oy without separate notification and no return of paid prepayment.

  • Custom terms of payment can be agreed by separate written agreement. In that case, client must follow due day that is mentioned in the invoice.

  • Driving instructions and information how to get the keys from property is sent to the client after full payment is made, generally one week before starting date of the reservation.

  • Rent of the holiday property includes furniture, cooking and dining utensils, cutlery and dishwashing detergents, mattresses, blankets, pillows, toilet paper, cleaning detergents and utensils, normal energy and water use costs.

  • Final cleaning is included in the price, unless otherwise stated in description of the holiday property.

  • Free use of rowing boat is included in the rent price at properties located on the lakeshore.

  • Basic spices and laundry detergents are not included in the price.

  • Bed linen and towels are not included in the price, unless stated otherwise in description of holiday property. Client must use bed sheets. Bed linen and towels can be ordered from Jarvin Oy as additional service by separate fee.


Cancelling the reservation

  • The cancellation must be made in written form (by e-mail) directly to Jarvin Oy.

  • In case of cancellation, 30% from the rent is non-refundable. If cancellation of the reservation takes place later than 21 days before beginning of the reservation, the whole rent price is charged.

Right of Jarvin Oy to cancel the reservation

  • In case of an unexpected, irresistible appearing obstacle (force majeure), the owner reserves the right to cancel the reservation unilaterally. In this case, client has right to get back the whole paid amount. Jarvin Oy is obliged to inform clients about possible force majeure situations immediately.

  • The owner has right to cancel the reservation immediately in case if client does not follow terms of reservation and general rules of stay indicated here. In case of cancellation based on this reason, no refunds are paid.

Stay at the cottage

  • Regular check-in time is 16.00 and check-out time 12.00. During summer months (June-August) check-in time is 17.00 and check-out time 11.00. Exceptions to standard check-in and check-out times can be arranged with individual written agreement with Jarvin Oy and are offered if possible.

  • Client rents cleaned cottage. During the stay, client takes care about cleaning by him/herself. Client can also order extra cleaning service during his/her stay for additional charge.

  • IT IS PROHIBITED to smoke, burn candles or walk in outdoor shoes inside the cottage.

  • If property has an outdoor jacuzzi or hot tub, it is absolutely prohibited to full, empty or change the water in it by client him/herself. In case of damage of outdoor jacuzzi / hot tub, Jarvin Oy reserves the right to charge extra fee from client afterwards. Bringing own hot tub or hot tub, which is rented by third parties is allowed only by separate agreement with the owner of the property, and always by extra fee.

  • Accommodation with pets without permission of cottage owner is prohibited and might cause extra charges or complete booking cancellation without right to refunds. Accommodation with pets is possible only for extra charge and by advance agreement with Jarvin Oy. Pets are not allowed to spend time on soft furniture of the cottage, for example sofa, so please, remember to take your pet mat to the cottage. Also, take care that there is no pet feces inside the property, on its yard or close to it. In case if this rule is not followed, Jarvin Oy reserves right to charge clients afterwards for extra cleaning service.

  • Charging the electric car with cottage’s electricity is strictly prohibited: electrical system of the property is not suitable for charging electric cars. Attempts to charge the car with cottage’s electricity might cause short circuit, fire or seriously damage the car.

  • Do not leave open water taps and electric devices unattended.

  • Remember to switch off the lights when leaving the room

  • Remember that sauna stoves and fireplaces do not need lots of firewood. When using fireplace or sauna stove, remember to open the fireplace damper.

  • After check-out, the cottage must be left in neat condition, whether the final cleaning is included in the price or not: furniture must be returned to its original places, dishes should be washed and trash thrown in the waste container located outside the house. If cottage is found in extremely messy condition after clients check-out, the owner has a right to charge an extra cleaning payment afterwards. Amount of the payment depends on size of the property and amount of extra work.

  • Owner of the cottage reserves the right to request deposit for keys of the property. In case client does not return the property keys by check-out, the actual cost of changing the locks will be charged from client

  • In case of unexpected and serious breakage (complete shutdown of heating system, water supply or sewerage) during the stay, client must immediately notify Jarvin Oy. In case breakage is repaired during the same day, no refunds are paid.

    • In case, if repair of the breakage takes longer time and client has no possibility to stay in the cottage due to the breakage, Jarvin Oy returns payment of non-used accommodation time to the client.

    • In case, if client decides to stay at property despite of the breakage, Jarvin Oy refunds 25% of day price accommodation starting from the day when client has informed Jarvin Oy about the breakage until the day when breakage is repaired.


Some examples what might be charged after check-out

  • Any damage or vandalism in the property and its territory.

  • Misuse of outdoor jacuzzi or hot tub.

  • Leaving the property in messy condition after check-out (more details in chapter “Stay at the cottage”).

  • Smoking, burning candles or walking in outdoor shoes inside the cottage.

  • Digging fishing worms in the cottage yard area or close proximity to it.

  • Hoovering of any liquids (water, juice etc) inside vacuum cleaner.

  • Making fireplace on cottage’s property and forest.

Amount of people in the cottage

  • Amount of people visiting the cottage including children of all ages must not exceed amount that was stated in the invoice. All visits of possible additional guests should be agreed with the owner beforehand, even if those guests are not staying overnight. Extra charges apply for extra guest visits.

  • In case if there are more people at the cottage, that is agreed, Jarvin Oy reserves right to cancel the reservation and remove guests from the cottage without any refunds.

  • Using a tent or a trailer at the property and its territory is prohibited.


  • Cottage owner reserves right to request deposit from clients accommodating in the cottage for case of possible damage. Amount of deposit is set depending on cottage, but can not exceed 30% of the rent price (usually amount of deposit is between 100-500 €, depending on cottage class).

  • Deposit is returned to client in full, if client returns the keys after accommodation and property is left in appropriate condition. Jarvin Oy reserves right to keep part of deposit or deposit in whole, as well as charge client afterwards in case if something was broken in the cottage.

  • In case if client has caused damage to the cottage or its equipment during the stay, he/she is required to compensate 100% of damage without delay.


Conflict situations

  • If client notices deficiencies in the cottage or its maintenance, issue should be communicated to cottage owner for quick defect elimination. Deficiencies reported after the check-out can no longer be verified together, and Jarvin Oy is not liable for them.

  • As cottages are usually located in the middle of nature, client must acknowledge that he/she might experience nature phenomena and meet wildlife animals.

  • Jarvin Oy is not liable for any harm caused to the client by natural phenomena (rain, snow, wind, water plants in the lake etc.) and does not compensate any damage caused by these reasons.


Applicable law and venue for the resolution of disputes

  • The contracting parties will attempt to resolve any disputes through negotiations. In case they fail to reach agreement, any disputes will be settled by the Päijät-Häme District Court, Finland. Finnish law applies to this agreement.


By paying the rent the client agrees to the terms set forth above.

About our company

Jarvin Oy is a Finnish cottage rental company founded in 2003. We offer lakeside cottages in the Lahti region for rent all year round and holiday apartments in Vuokatti's Katinkulla for weeks 1 and 2. Our properties in the Lahti region are located only 15-20 minutes' drive from Lahti and just over an hour's drive from Helsinki. All of our apartments in Katinkulla have a direct lake view and a short walk or drive to the versatile services of Katinkulla and Vuokatti. Welcome to visit us!


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