Terms of reservation and payment

  • The client receives an invoice by e-mail with detailed information of booking. All remarks regarding the invoice must be delivered within 5 days of the date marked on the invoice. When paying, the reservation/invoice number must be used.

  • In case there is 55 days or less to the beginning of the booking (less than 8 weeks), the rent must be paid with one payment.

  • In case there is more than 56 days until the beginning of the booking (8 weeks), the sum will be divided in two payments. The advance payment (30% of the cottage rent price) must be paid within 7 days from the date marked on the invoice. The final payment must be paid at the latest four (4) weeks before the start of the vacation.

  • In case there is only 14 days or less to the start of the vacation, the invoice must be paid immediately.

  • The booking is confirmed, when client has paid the invoice by the due day.

  • In case the payment (advance or final payment) is not paid, the booking can be cancelled without separate notification and no return of paid advance payment.

  • Driving directions and key info will be delivered to the client approximately one week before the starting date of the accommodation.

  • In case booking was made 14 days or less before the start of accommodation, driving directions and key info will be delivered when payment has come to renter’s bank account or by bank receipt.

  • No refunds are paid for cancellations of high-season reservations (weeks 50-2, weeks 24-34).

  • Custom terms of payment can be arranged with the owner, in which case the due date marked on the invoice will be used.


Changing or cancelling the reservation

  • The cancellation must always be made in written form (via e-mail) in accotdance to these terms of reservation to the Jarvin Oy. The cancellation is done, when Jarvin Oy confirms the cancellation.

  • In case of cancelation, the advance payment (30% from the rent) is non-refundable. In case the cancelation of the reservation takes place later than 21 days before the start of the vacation, the whole vacation price will be charged. If a substitute client is found, Jarvin Oy returns to cancelling client amount, what has been paid by substitute client.

  • The client has the right to regain the whole paid sum, if the client himself/herself or his/her family member, who lives in the same household gets seriously ill, ends up in an accident or dies. The cancelation must be informed to Jarvin Oy immediately and proved in a credible way, e.g. with medical certificate.

  • In case the cancelation takes place later than 48 hours before the reservation starting time or during the reservation, no payments will be refunded.

  • All changes to the reservations must be made at latest 4 weeks before the start of the reservation.


The owner’s right to cancel the reservation

  • In case of a force majeure, the owner has the right to cancel the reservation. In this case the client has the right to regain the whole paid amount.

  • The owner has the right to cancel the reservation immediately in case, if client does not follow terms of booking or general stay conditions. If the reservation is cancelled because of disruptive behaviour of clients, no refunds will be paid.


Stay at the cottage

  • Regular check-in time is 16.00 and check-out time 12.00. The cottage keys will be handed to the client at the beforehand estimated arrival time.

  • Custom check-in and check-out time can be arranged with individual agreement.

  • The owner has the right to collect a 75€ key deposit. If the client fails to return the cottage keys and it is seen that he/she has lost them, the possible deposit will be used to cover part of the expenses caused to change the locks; the rest will be paid by the client.

  • The cottage rent includes furniture, cookware, dining ware and cutlery, normal energy costs, mattresses, blankets, pillows, toilet paper and cleaning equipment.

  • Using of rowing boat is included in the summer time, if rowing boat is in the description of cottage.

  • If the description of holiday resort has no notification about bed linen and towels, they are not included in the price. Client must always use bed sheets. Bed linen and towels can also be ordered in conjunction with the booking.

  • Client is responsible for cleaning in cottage during the accommodation period. The cottage owner has the right to charge a 100 € deposit for final cleaning, if the cleaning is not included in the final price. If the final cleaning was nod made or fully completed, the owner has a right to reserve the deposit or charge a 100 € cleaning fee afterwards.

  • When leaving, the cottage must be in neat condition, whether the final cleaning is included or not. Furniture must be returned to its original places, dishes should be washed and thrash taken out. If the cottage is found in extremely dirty condition after the clients has departed, the owner has a right to charge a 100 € payment afterwards for double-cleaning.

  • The amount of people accommodating at the cottage must not exceed reported bed seat limit. If you are planning to have a party or other event, where the maximum number of guests is temporarily exceeded, you should agree about that in advance with Jarvin Oy.

  • Using a tent or a trailer at the resort is prohibited.

  • Bringing own mattresses, sleeping bags etc. is prohibited. If more than the reported amount of guests are staying in the cottage, the owner reserves the right to abort the reservation immediately without any payment refund or take an extra charge for extra guests.


  • Pets are also prohibited at the cottage, if not agreed otherwise with the owner. Pet accommodating is always for extra fee. If there are pets in the cottage, it is prohibited to leave their feces in the cottage, its yard or in the immediate neighborhood of the cottage yard. If this rule is broken, Jarvin Oy reserves the right to charge 20 € for extra cleaning afterwards. Yellow snow is not cool at all, especially when asking the housekeeper. :)

  • Digging worms for fishing from the cottage garden area is absolutely prohibited. Penalty fee is 50 €.

  • Hoovering of liquids is absolutely prohibited under threat of penalty.

  • If the resort has an outdoor hot tub, it is absolutely prohibited to full, empty or change the water in it under penalty fee.

  • Please remember to switch off the lights when leaving the cottage.

  • Charging the electricity car with cottage’s electricity is possible only for extra fee, and always by separate agreement with Jarvin Oy.


Damages and force majeure

  • The client is obliged to compensate damage caused by him/her on the resort and/or its personal property to the owner.
  • Client must report immediately observed deficiencies to the owner. In case they are not reported or reported after the check-out, the destination will be considered to have been in the contractually-required condition. It is impossible to jointly verify deficiencies reported after the end of the rental period, and Jarvin Oy will therefore not be liable to compensate for them in any way.
  • The owner is not liable for harm caused to the client by unpredictable force majeure, or similar reasons not caused by the owner and which consequences the owner could not have reasonably prevented. The owner is neither liable for harm or consequences caused by natural phenomena.



All complaints and notices concerning the resort must be addressed without delay to Jarvin Oy.


Applicable law and venue for the resolution of disputes

The contracting parties will attempt to resolve any disputes out of court. Should they fail to reach agreement, any disputes will be settled by the Päijät-Häme District Court, Finland. The contract is governed by Finnish law.


By paying the rent the client agrees to the terms set forth above.

About our company

Jarvin Oy is Finnish cottage rental company established in 2003. All our cottages are located only 10-20 min from Lahti, only a bit more than hour from Helsinki and Helsinki-Vantaa airport.

We take care about our cottages and have equipped them thinking about our guests. We offer also other services, i.g. motorboat renting, timeshares in Vierumäki and Katinkulta leisure centres and translation services.

Our purpose is to create great service expirience to every client - just try it!


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