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Kesän ensimmäinen..? / First for the summer..?

Sienestyspaikka Hollolassa

Ei uskoisi, ellei itse näkisi - tällainen tatti löytyi Kerttulan pihasta sunnuntaina 12.6! Tuleekohan tänä vuonna hyvä sienikesä, kun jo noin aikaisin tulevat?


Won't believe, if not seen with own eyes - such porcini this is, and found from Kerttula's yard on Sunday 12.6! Might be good mushroom season coming, as they are already here?

About our company

Jarvin Oy is Finnish cottage rental company established in 2003. All our cottages are located only 10-20 min from Lahti, only a bit more than hour from Helsinki and Helsinki-Vantaa airport.

We take care about our cottages and have equipped them thinking about our guests. We offer also other services, i.g. motorboat renting, timeshares in Vierumäki and Katinkulta leisure centres and translation services.

Our purpose is to create great service expirience to every client - just try it!


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